Welcome to the Ice Cream Station!

Ice Cream Cakes

The Ice Cream Station makes our very own ice cream cakes! There are six amazing creations to choose from. Cakes are 9 inch round and 4 pounds of solid ice cream and toppings. Each cake serves 8-16 people. Call (920) 485-2311 to order for your next celebration!
Cookie Commotion
Cookie and ice cream sandwich edge, layered with vanilla and cookie dough ice cream, fudge and crushed cookies. 

Chocolate Cherry Charm

Lined with ice cream sandwiches. Filled with layers of chocolate and New York Cherry ice cream, fudge and crushed brownies. Topped with cherries and chocolate shavings. 

Mint Mania

Mint ice cream sandwich edge. Chocolate and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream layered with fudge. Topped with Junior Mints. 
Black and White Delight

Lined with ice cream sandwiches and filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream layers, fudge and crushed oreos.


Ice cream sandwich edge. Vanilla ice cream, caramel and fudge layers. Loaded with pecan topping.

Birthday Party

Lined with blue moon ice cream sandwiches. Layers include blue moon and birthday cake flavored ice cream and marshmallow filling. Topped with sprinkles!
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